Property Management Reference

Ivan Luis Martinez

Ivan was the property manager of my house for 6 months during the sales process and this letter is my reference as to what you can expect from him.  Ivan quickly provides you an estimate of work to be performed to make sure the property is ready to be shown to buyers.  His estimate is only work that needs to be done, the gardeners he organized did an initial cleanup so the property would show fairly.  He then recommended that each month after the gardeners would get to the touch up work, so the expense was spread over time and made the best use of the gardeners. 

Ivan is very prompt and detailed each month reporting the expenses incurred for the property and staff that did the maintenance.  His statement arrives and he tells you if anything extra was performed if the expenses are over the normal amount.  Ivan does follow up, one of his emails went to spam, and makes sure that you have seen his invoice. 

Ivan was my feet on the ground and I was an ocean away.  Ivan is always responsive and answers all your questions. 

Neil Laskowski


Broker Reference

Team Eric

Eric Partney

Ivan Luis Martinez

Eric and Ivan were my brokers on the sale of a property and this is my reference for them.  I was an ocean away, never visited Merida during any part of the process so you can be assure all work was done by them.  As a team, Eric and Ivan quickly organize the sale of your property to get you on the market quickly and accurately.  

Eric picked up the paperwork part and gave me a list of items he needed for the property to be listed.  Ivan began the physical process of getting keys and access.  Eric gave me an overview of the current market conditions so that I knew the market I would be selling in.After they visited the property, they recommended a fair listing price.  A few days later it was up on the website and on the market.

When I received an offer I was not pressured to take it.  When I accepted the offer I was kept up to date with all of the items I needed to complete.  When I had questions I just asked. Eric and Ivan will not 2nd hand give you information they make sure you are in on the conversation with the Notary.

Each sale has its unique items and Eric and Ivan get you talking with the authority on those questions so that you get the best information.  You get the benefit of their experience and can take confidence they will find the right person to answer the question.  They do work as a team so that you always have the right answers and direction.

Neil Laskowski


I am a real estate broker in Portland Oregon so I know a good agent when I see one. I have purchased two homes with Mexico International and they were ethical, communicated timely, and went above and beyond for my transactions, both of which were uniquely complicated. I highly recommend anyone at this firm. I worked with Eric and Ivan. They were brilliant.

Amy Sedgwick

My partner and I recently bought a property from Mexico International. From the 1st phone call to inquire about it, Colm Cooney was very professional and friendly. I told my partner this was the second “Colm” I knew in my life, the first was Colm Tobin, whom I of course have never met. Accommodating the time and date to meet, Colm was kind enough to show us the real Merida. He drove us to see several properties and he was very frank about their pros and cons. We ended up buying the one we had initially chosen. Colm was a very polite negotiator with the owner of the property and our interactions were always timely and straight to the point. Even though Colm is extremely busy, he answered text messages and returned calls promptly, which is a rarity these days. You would think buying a property finishes when you pay off the balance due. Unfortunately, due to difficulties with my USA based bank, I had to send the same wire transfer five times. The staff at Mexico International were superbly helpful when my US bank refused to help. My bank told me, “that once the wires are received by the beneficiary, we are unable to recuperate them” which, under different circumstances, would make perfect sense. However, the problem started when the bank representative failed to put the proper beneficiary name on the wires. It was their mistake and they told me “Banks return wire transfers on a ‘best effort basis’”, which probably is an euphemism for “they can keep your money if they feel like it.” The staff at Mexico International swung into action (using the proper bank technical terms that I am now so familiar with now after 10 days of dealing with banks) and the two extra wires sent by mistake were returned. Mexico International’s administrative staff were more helpful than the staff at my own bank! Buying real estate is a joy and it should be celebrated, however, when banks and electronic transfers are involved, it may become a nightmare. This is then when you need a company such as Mexico International. It was a real pleasure doing business with them. We recommend them!

SV and CD

We recently had the great pleasure of working to find a house in Merida with Dr. Leroy Osmon. We cannot emphasize enough how helpful Dr. Osman was. He quickly understood what we were looking for and was able to find us a perfect house. He knows Merida very well and was able to explain to us all the different neighborhoods, where to eat and see interesting sights. He is patient, very professional and a delight to talk to about his very interesting and accomplished background. If there was a question he could not answer, he went out of his way to find the answer. He took a lot of time showing us a variety of houses in different neighborhoods. He's very knowledgeable about the process of buying and rehabilitating a house in Merida. He has a great sense of humor! We would very much recommend Dr. Leroy to find the right property and want to thank him for all his help and patience.

Anita "Cookie" Repp


Hi Colm,

Thank you very much for your work in making this sale happen. I look forward to working with you and Mexico International in the future on other projects. Thanks again.

Regards, Ken Goodman

Merida, Yucatan, Mexico


We wish to express our gratitude for the excellent services provided to us by Olivier Peyrichou, when we bought our property in Mérida. Our situation was desperate – we had just made an offer on a house in Mérida, Yucatan, while living in Lake Chapala, Jalisco. To make things worse, we were in the process of obtaining a mortgage from a Mexican bank located in Chapala that had never before done any long-distance transaction and whose personnel were barely trained and overly cautious. Just to give you an idea of their lack of proper training, the supervisor at the Guadalajara main office had never heard of a “fideicomiso” before. Olivier Peyrichou was representing the seller and had absolutely no obligation towards us but he helped us anyway. Experienced and knowledgeable as he is, he ended up everywhere, front and center, making sure things were being done in a timely manner, contacting the bank people, the seller and the notary; obtaining missing documents, you name it. We exchanged e-mails and phone calls so often that when we finally met at the notary’s, we felt like we knew him already. We became friends and later on benefited from his excellent advises and connections when came time to renovate the house. Olivier Peyrichou is a main asset to your organization. Congratulations to Mexico International Real Estate for having such an outstanding agent.

Nous désirons exprimer notre gratitude pour les excellents services qui nous ont été rendus par Olivier Peyrichou, au moment de l’achat de notre propriété. Notre situation était désespérée. Nous venions tout juste de présenter une offre d’achat pour une maison à Mérida, Yucatan alors que nous vivions au Lac Chapala, Jalisco. Pour empirer les choses, nous avions demandé un prêt hypothécaire à une banque mexicaine de Chapala pour laquelle il s’agissait d’une première transaction longue distance. Leur personnel inexpérimenté et mal formé était excessivement circonspect. Leur manque de formation était tel que le superviseur en chef à Guadalajara ignorait ce qu’était un fidéicommis. Olivier Peyrichou représentait les intérêts du vendeur et de ce fait n’avait aucune obligation envers nous. Il a malgré tout accepté de nous aider. Expérimenté et possédant de solides connaissances dans ce genre de transactions, il s’est retrouvé rapidement impliqué dans tout, s’assurant que les délais étaient respectés, contactant les représentants des banques, le vendeur et le notaire, obtenant les documents qui manquaient, etc. Nous avons échangé tellement de courriels et de coups de fil que lorque finalement nous nous sommes rencontrés chez le notaire pour finaliser la transaction, nous avions l’impression de nous connaître. Nous sommes devenus amis et avons bénéficié de ses excellents conseils et relations à Mérida au moment de rénover la maison. Olivier Peyrichou est un atout majeur pour Mexico International Real Estate et nous vous en félicitons.

Y. Lussier / J.-P. Côté
Mérida, Yucatan


Good Morning, Keith!

We're back home in Austin and wanted to follow up with a note of thanks to you for your time, insight, and expertise.  The knowledge you shared with us helped reaffirm exactly why we want to make the move to Merida.  You are definitely "our" Agent in our search for our home - can't imagine working with anyone else.

Your patience in showing us so many properties (including your own spectacular home!) made us realize the difference between what we thought we wanted vs. what will really work for us.  You are a perfect mix of professionalism and fun - and while we're not in a position to purchase a place for a few months - you gave us the motivation to try to move that date up even further.

So, Keith, thank you!  Looking forward to a great working relationship and personal friendship with you as we start our new life in Merida,

All the best,

Tracy and Scott Abeel


Yes, we feel very fortunate to have you in our corner. This is a very exciting time for us, and we are very happy you are leading the way. We wish we were closer to moving to Merida, but we will be patient, as we know it will happen some day in the future. Thank you very much for your guidance and support, as we fulfill our dream. I am craving one of those refreshing fruit flavored waters and an order of potato taco from your delicious lunch spot (thank you) next time it is my treat or better yet, can we take you to dinner at Alberto's "Continental"? We feel honored you introduced us to him, and now we too are members of his fan club. Tom keeps dreaming about all his wonderful treasures. Thank you for "carting" us all over town to try to make a dent in our shopping list. We know all too well there still is a lot left to at least get us up and running. Hopefully you won't be tired of us before we see you again. We promise to be mindful of all your time an effort, until later, please take care.

Sincerely, Wendy Ashe

I have worked in admin for a high producing real estate office for 25 years. It is not uncommon for our office do 300 transactions/month. Our switchboard takes about 1,000 phone calls/day. I believe all GOOD agents have one goal - to see their clients happy. Good agents are continually maneuvering through the process of educating their clients to achieve that final goal.

When it first appeared there was a possibility I might do some business with LeAnn Roberts, it was natural I checked your office website. (We all need to do our due diligence!!!) I read many testimonials about various agents...but didn't see any references pertaining to LeAnn. However, what I did read about many of your agents is exactly what I hear about my own agents. I was confident I was dealing with a reputable office. When I mentioned to LeAnn that I had read many wonderful things about her co-workers - she specifically mentioned what a fine man Mitch Keenan is. (I too have had the pleasure of working with an EXCEPTIONAL broker for over 20 years) I believe good people work with good people.

What I most appreciated about LeAnn was her graciousness. These days when so much business is done from afar and email is your primary source of contact...it is MORE difficult to express oneself on more personal issues. It's one thing to have a conversation face to face (the ideal)...another to have a personal conversation over the phone...but it takes a very "delicate" approach with email. She was trying to educate me in the NICEST manner.

I so appreciated her reminding me that business in Merida is NOT business in Vancouver, Canada. She reminded me of the Mexican lifestyle that I had forgotten... the lifestyle we will enjoy during our vacation. I SO APPRECIATED her mannerism. We do business in a world where everything is NOW. She was wonderful at reminding me that everything WILL get done...if not today...then tomorrow. That's the wonderful thing about your country and thank goodness I had a GOOD agent that reminded me.

Kathy Brunsdon
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We wanted to take a moment to comment on the incredible service that we received from Arturo Novelo, whom helped us with the purchase of our first home in Mexico.  Understandably, we were concerned about the transaction.  Arturo held our hands through every step of the process.  When we arrived in Merida last December, Arturo not only showed us houses but went out of his way to give us the entire experience of Merida!  He sold us on the city as well as selling us a home. 

We cannot say enough positive things about the whole experience and this is all due to Arturo and his vast knowledge and salesmanship.  I have heard it said that all business in Mexico is personal and Arturo demonstrated this to the utmost.  If the possibility arises, we will recommend Arturo to any and all of our family and friends who might be interested in buying a home in Merida.  Thank you again.


Brian F. Marshall
Victor A. Kirk

I would like to compliment your organization and in particular, Arturo Novelo. My wife and I visited Merida in order to buy a house. Even though we did not have any appointments, we ran into Arturo by chance.

In addition to showing us numerous properties, he made sure that all of our requests were honored, all questions were answered and he provided a first rate network of professional services. I find it difficult to express my level of satisfaction with his professionalism and dedication. If there was a question that he could not answer himself, he had an expert on site the next day.

Arturo,by his effort, made our efforts work.

William & Donna Nash

My wife and I purchased a colonial house in Santiago in Late September.  We worked with agent Fernando Berdichevsky.  We wanted to express our gratitude for both your company and our agent Fernando. 

Fernando treated us with the utmost respect and made the search and buying process simple and low stress.  We were very fortunate in picking Mexico International to help us fulfill our Mexican home purchase.  We were also very fortunate that Fernando was our agent.  He is patient, knowledgeable, and has great instincts for answering our questions directly.

Please accept our recommendation for both Mexico International and Fernando Berdichevsky.

Sincerely,Paul and Tammy Miller

Patricia and Don Lewis here.  We are now settled into our new Merida home.
Fernando was very instrumental in the entire "finding the right home in
Merida" experience, and we are compelled to write a testimonial letter to you
regarding the wonderful professionalism we experienced with Fernando and
Mexico International.

Having lived in San Miguel de Allende for ten years, we are not new to Mexico.
 We visited Merida a few times and then decided to move here.  We visited your
very thorough and detailed website in our quest for a new home and
communicated with Fernando via e-mail about several homes listed on Mexico
International's website and ultimately purchased one of the homes that
Fernando directed us to.  His good relationship with the seller helped us
tremendously in acquiring the home we loved the most.  He quickly honed in to
our needs, wants and desires which enabled us to sign a purchase agreement
within two weeks of our arrival and close two weeks after that.  We have all
worked with different realtors in our lifetime and, with Fernando, we found
professionalism, great attention to detail, patience, a thorough knowledge of
the Merida real estate market and fideicomisos, and very intelligent,
thoughtful, thorough responses to our many question and concerns.

Thank you Mexico International for making the whole process so painless and, in fact, enjoyable!

Patricia and Don Lewis

I have bought and sold several properties through Mexico International over the years.  My professional dealings with Mitch Keenan, Glen Kubli and Eric Partney in these various transactions have been impressive on two important points: honesty and professionalism.  Both points are always important but especially so in real estate transactions in Mexico.  I highly recommend them.

Gus Gordon

Mexico International and its key associates are the most professional risk free real estate people in the Yucatan. Our company, Yucatan Sol, restores homes at the highest original quality level in Merida. Eric Partney and Keith Heitke recently sold several of our restored homes to American and Canadian buyers. All of the legal, title, and ownership issues were 100% taken care of by Eric, Mexico International and their recommended attorneys.  There couldn't have been any more satisfied new Merida home owners. Finally, Eric, Keith and Mitch understand quality, value and honesty. Use their services and you'll be pleased with the results.

Ron E. Jackson / Alvaro Ponce / Mauricio Gamboa
Owners of Yucatan Sol

I am writing to thank your Mexico international team, and in particular, Fernando Berdichevsky, for all the efforts which enabled my partner and I to purchase a home in Mérida. I also wanted to share my experience for others contemplating the same.  I first came to Mérida 35 years ago on an ADO bus from Puebla, where I was an exchange student. Captivated by the city, I didn’t want to leave, but college beckoned in New York, and a 30-year career ensued.  I retained the dream of having a home in México someday, and was pretty sure Mérida was the place. But to be sure, I checked out Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina and a few other places too.

After getting my partner and best friend to visit Mérida for their opinions, I decided to contact Mexico International to arrange to see a few properties.  With our small budget of $75,000 USD and a dream check list, I was a little apprehensive as to whether they’d be able and willing to help.

My doubt quickly abated, and I was amazingly surprised by the attention, knowledge, guidance, and results of working together with them. The dream became a reality.

First, I met Mitch Keenan who shared his general knowledge, experience, recommendations and hospitality over dinner. He then introduced me to Fernando Berdichevsky.

Fernando was the most amicable, patient, knowledgeable, and pro-active colleague I could have asked for to guide me through the process of owning a home in Mérida.  He took the dream checklist and converted it into over a dozen property listings for us to check out.  With engineering, real estate, and local knowledge, he was able to provide the right guidance and a critical eye. For added measure, he arranged for two architects to assess conditions of properties that were of interest.  We decided on a modest, semi-updated colonial home in Santiago that enabled us to move in, but had the possibilities of adding the things we envisioned for the future within our budget. Fernando expertly negotiated the transaction, which was easier than any real estate purchase in the US.

Fernando introduced me to Lic. Enna Baqueiro R., the best notario one could have sought.  It took six months of research and diligence with the property registry in order to establish a fedeicomiso.  Asi pasa. Fernando and Enna were there every step of the way to make it happen, and patiently explain what was going on.

Ultimately, we had the closing the week before Christmas, December 2009.  It would not have happened without the dedication and tenacity of Fernando. He is the best agent I have ever worked with.

I am genuinely appreciative of all the efforts extended by the staff of Mexico International which made  this a reality for us.  Truly, a professional and dedicated team who earned my complete trust and confidence.  I could not have asked for a better experience, and have never had any regrets.  Please do not hesitate to include me as a enthusiastic reference for any potential clients.

Best regards,

Pete DuBois
San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for the efficiency of your staff during the recent purchase of our home. Arturo, Ernesto and Fernando worked so well together to see that everything went very smoothly and I felt that both the interests of the Seller and of us were represented and respected -- not an easy feat and one that was important to me. Monica's house was obviously very special to her, and now it is to us and that gives me a special connection to her that I want to maintain! Your staff helped us to do that!

Lois Post


We have been visiting Merida for the last several years and on one of the trips decided that we would like to live in that area. On our trip there in 2008 we had the extremely good fortune of having a very friendly, knowledgeable and professional real estate agent show us houses around town. He is Fernando Berdichevsky. On last year's visit we decided on a condo in Progreso.

The details of buying a home in Mexico for residents of the USA seemed a bit overwhelming. But with Fernando's assistance in helping us, it went very smoothly!

He not only assisted with the details of the purchase, but helped with opening up a bank account, obtaining insurance for the property, electrical and water hook ups, suggesting shopping opportunities for our furniture and so many other details that we might not even have thought about. Not to mention, all of the time he spent showing us the city and how to get around.

We are now the proud owners of a furnished condo about 80 meters from the beach in Progreso. As of tonight, we are back in the USA. This trip was for only nine days, and all of the above would have been impossible without Fernando's help.

You can be sure that we intend to let our friends with an interest in the Merida area know who they should contact in matters of real estate. We hope to return very soon to start enjoying our new condo.

Very best regards,
Carlos Douris & Carol Helfrich

Hi Henry,

I want to thank you for making the transition into our new home so smooth. I write a blog on my web site and my next entry is going to be how wonderful you and Mexico International are. I will recommend you to anyone and everyone that wants to buy in Mexico. You guys are top notch ... and you, well, you go above and beyond what your job is. You go that extra mile, something that few people do. I appreciate everything you did for us.

That is all for now, thank you again for everything!

Kind Regards,
Karen Scott

Keith, I wanted to send you a note and thank you for all your help in getting us into this house. You have no idea how happy we are with everything. All of the people you have recommended to us have been perfect. You surpassed all our expectations all the way through the process. Thank you. I hope we can keep in contact in the future. I would be more than happy to send a letter of recommendation for your website and would gladly talk to any of your clients in the future if you thought that would be helpful to you. Thanks again, John and Mary


Dear Mitch,

Thanks for the smooth transaction. We got the check and are very pleased with the results. Hope to stay in touch sending you referrals so keep me on your contact list

Best Regards,
Chris Ward, CRS
Denver Real Estate Broker

I just closed a contract on a beach house in Chelem. I used the 2007 readers choice of Yucatan Living as my "short list" to get started. Here are the highlights of my experience:

In November 2007 I emailed the 5 nominated agencies with my shortlist of "demands" and said that we would come in March 2008 to look and possibly buy. A list of matching prospects would be highly appreciated. In March we spent two days with Fernando Berdichevsky (in his car, no gas charge), looking at 10 houses, being guided, given very useful information on everything, having a good time and diving into the Yucatan real estate market. We decided on a house a week later. Fernando met with the architect (Henry Ponce) who had a direct line with the owner, negotiated price and agreed on all the details.

We met with Fernando and the owner two days later. All contracts and paperwork were in English and Spanish and everything was signed. I then went directly to the notario chosen by me (based on Fernando's recommendation). Everything was impeccable and nice. Two days later Fernando took me to the notario again, where we ordered the Fideicomiso, signed the papers and we returned to Europe

For the next two months Fernando made certain that everything was as we had communicated by mail. By mid May everything was ready according to our signed agreement.

We will return to Chelem in June and spend time in our new house for the first time. Fernando has again offered his assistance with some practicalities and arranged with the plumber, etc. for a "crash training course" on gas, valves, tanks, septic, pumps etc.

As you understood by now, I can give you an absolute recommendation for Fernando Berdichevsky from Mexico International Real Estate located in the Fiesta Americana. He is a true professional! You will find that he most likely beats any real estate agent you have met, whichever country you come from. Tell him Tor from Norway is recommending him

Tor-Eigil Robertsen

Dear Mexico International,

I am writing to let you know how much we have appreciated Fernando Berdichevsky's help in purchasing a property in Merida .

To own a property in Meida has been our dream for several years. My husband, sister and I have now had that dream come true, with Fernando's help and expertise. We arrived in Merida from Canada on August 20 and met Fernando and began to look at properties. We saw nearly 20 and we fell in love with one. There were some difficulties that Fernando steered us through and we signed the papers for the house on August 28 and flew out of Merida August 29.

We did finalize the deal with some challenges, but again, Fernando helped us through. Fernando has also offered to help us get in contact with architects/tradesmen for some improvements we want to make to the property. This is more than what we expected .

We are pleased to count Fernando as a new friend in Merida and we look forward to seeing him on our trips back. There is no doubt that we would recommend Mexico International and Fernando, in particular, to anyone looking to purchase property in Merida .

Dwayne and Suzanne Simmons and Madeleine Hegholz

We are Gordon and Susan Carson. We recently bought a house in Merida and Keith Heitke was our realtor. We could not have asked for a better experience. Keith is a real professional. He listened carefully to what we thought we wanted, showed us several houses that could have met our needs and was patient with us as we agonized over which one to make an offer on. His advice on how to deal with the offer process was excellent and resulted in a successful negotiation. The attorney that he recommended was excellent. She was extremely thorough in explaining each step in the process of buying a house in Mexico and was meticulous in explaining the paperwork, in English.

Keith is a real professional, and we would recommend him to anyone who might be interested in Yucatecan real estate. I can be reached at


Thank you very much for your help with my closing. As we discussed, I have had closings in New York that felt like endless exercises in acrimony, so it was a pleasure to experience the relaxed and cooperative atmosphere of doing business with you, Mitch and Ernesto. I appreciate the patience, efficiency and courtesy that characterized the entire transaction, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Best regards,
Bill Madden

We just wanted to let you know how happy we were with our recent property transaction through Mexico International.  When we decided to sell a beachfront lot in Sisal our first and only choice, for an agent to represent us, was Henry Ponce.  We have known Henry for three years, and he has designed two lovely homes for us, so we already knew him as an architect and as a friend; he is first rate. It was no surprise to discover he is equally as professional and honest a real estate agent as he is an architect.  He handled everything, always keeping us up to date on what was happening.  He made this our simplest, most stress-free real estate transaction in Mexico so far. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for the very best of agents; in fact, our niece is coming to look for property with Henry in a few months.

We are glad Henry Ponce is part of the Mexico International real estate team.

LeAnn and Bob Roberts

Dear Fernando,

I want to sincerely thank you for all you have done on my behalf. I have expressed my appreciation to you in person, but I feel that it warrants a formal, written thank you.

You took me to see as many houses as necessary, You then helped me with your many personal contacts and professional attorneys and architects. You helped to provide me with several good choices, whom I had time to interview, thanks to your setting up the appointments and then transporting me to them.

My purchase was definitely made much easier and productive, thanks to your efforts and contacts.

I will recommend you to all persons I meet and I extend to you my most sincere thank you!

Terry Hartley

We were nervous buying property in Mexico for our first time. Not knowing the culture and customs made us feel a little uncomfortable. Not speaking the language would have made it difficult.

With his knowledge and contacts, Mitch Keenan and his team made the process comfortable and easy from the start – from viewing the right properties to closing on the house and condo we eventually bought. They went to extra effort during our visit to make sure we completely understood all the legalities and complexities of owning real estate in Mexico. They explained several matters we would never have thought about with regard to living in the Yucatan and set our minds at ease about making the transition.

He was sensitive to our needs and anticipated our questions. His honesty and integrity set him apart from all other agencies in the Yucatan. We'd never think of working with any other company.

We are loyal members of his fan club.

Tom Rausch
Jerry Pawlak

I met Keith [Heitke] about 3 years ago and have been involved in several transactions with him. I have found him to be a true professional in every aspect. He is knowledgeable, considerate, through and has excellent taste. In addition, he is a delightful person and a pleasure to spend time with. I can recommend him without any reservation.

Jim Anthony jimanthony@mac.com
999/192-5912 Merida Cell
828/221-0028 Merida, Mexico (From US)
828/734-7573 US Cell

I found Mexico International through a website search; a few phone conversations later, I was connected with some of the great members of the MI team. On our first visit, Mitch and his partners put together a great real estate tour for us; when my wife and I changed our mind about what we wanted to do, they did not miss a beat, but showed us properties that matched our new requirements. We decided to buy one of the properties, and then the one next door as well. Given the idiosyncrasies of the two lots, the offer and closing process was complicated. Throughout the whole process, MI provided endless energy, kept me informed, and managed to clear an ever-increasing number of hurdles until the successful completion. The MI Team was outstanding throughout the whole process, and our dream house would have never become reality without them.

Ralf and Yvonne

Sr. Angel Guevara:
Reciba usted nuestro saludo; pleno de los mejores deseos para usted y su querida familia. Asimismo le patentizamos nuestra sincera gratitud por su cordialidad y profesionalismo. Con empleados como usted y la Sra. Maria Elena Loria; así como con el apoyo legal de la Lic. Enna Baqueiro, estamos convencidos que vuestra agencia "Mexico International" tendrá un excelente porvenir. Tenganos como deudores satisfechos de vuestra labor

Justo Pla y Juanita Jaber Pla

What a wonderful advisor and friend we found in Keith Heitke! Keith's deep knowledge of architecture and design and his appreciation for Merida history led us to make choices that were just right for us. In the whirl of real estate buying and selling, Keith's voice was one of wisdom, patience, and sensitivity.

Fritz Menzel
Werner Gross

We worked with Eric Partney of Mexico International to purchase our home in Merida. Eric's expertise in the market, local real estate laws and his understanding of our goals made the transaction much easier than we would have ever anticipated. We are very pleased with our home and the buying experience. Thanks Eric and Mexico International


We have dealt with Mexico International for a few properties and can safely say they are the true professionals when it comes to real estate in Merida. It can be very frustrating when an estate agent is showing property without doing their homework or checking that everything is in order, well with Mexico International there were no nasty surprises. Every transaction went perfect and I must say dealing with Keith Heitke was a pleasure.
They understood the type of property we were looking for, had everything ready and answered every question we had right to the day of closing.

Sean and Colm

We did extensive research before selecting Mitch Keenan's Mexico International (formerly Miguel's Mexico) as our real-estate agents. We have no regrets. They are great. Very important when buying real-estate in Mexico, they have the only guaranteed US earnest money account. They also introduced us to a great notorio with whom to work. Our agent was Eric Partney. Both Eric and Mitch are very well informed, friendly, and give excellent service. They invest in the area themselves. That says a lot. We strongly recommend Mitch and Eric!

We believe the Merida area - Yucatan coast gives the best value for the money for any location in the Americas. It receives the highest rating by Mexico Insider (93 out of 100) and International Living (93 out of 100) for a place to live or retire. There is excellent health care, very low crime rate, international airport, tropical weather, ferry service between Florida and Progreso, warm ocean, many activities, friendly, laid back. It is genuine Mexico with many of the conveniences of home (Costco, Sams Club, Walmart, etc.). Merida reminds of some of New Orleans or Key West years ago. You can never guess what gem lies behind the home facads! There is a French influence to the archetecture and always some free music to listen to. Reasonable food can be had at the many restuarants and bars where you can sit outside on the sidewalks or on the blocked-off streets. The streets are tiled or have stonework. Modern buildings coexist with buildings that were constructed in the 1500s. There is a well lit, 4-lane highway between Merida and the coast. There is also a little traveled super highway (with toll) between Merida and Cancun. When you fly into Merida, it looks like an island in a sea of green. Five years ago there were 50 Americans in Merida. Today there are around 300. We saw others on our recent trip who were house-hunting like us. Fifty homes were purchased over the past month... yet, Merida remains essentially undiscoverd by Americans. On our recent trip, we met folks from Poland, Italy, Sweden, Nova Scotia, England, and other locations. Still, most folks are Mayan Mexicans.

Bill Drennon

Mexico International were by far the most professional, friendly and helpful estate agency we encountered in the Yucatan. The staff were knowledgeable, and catered to Western demands – a factor which eludes many other agencies. The offices are easily locatable in the impressive Fiesta Americana building in the heart of Merida. Our transaction went quickly and without hassle due to the competence of Mexico International staff.

Andy was the first agent we met in Merida, and by far the best. His experience in Canada and love for the Mexican life brings a great balance in a real estate agent, which allows us (the customers), to appreciate better what we are looking for, as well as understanding how things work in Mexico compared to what we are used to in Western society.

A friendly, caring and inviting personality, it was a pleasure dealing with him, and hope to do so again in the future

Alastair Orr & Andrew Mackintosh, Birmingham, United Kingdom

We found exactly what we wanted in Merida and closed the deal in recordtime, thanks to the professionalism of Keith Heitke and Mexico International. It was also a pleasure to work with them.

Todd and Arin Farrington

Two years ago I met Keith while I was vacationing in Akumal. Three weeks
later I bought a house in Merida with his help. I now live in that house year
round. Keith was invaluable in helping me to navigate the process of buying a
house, finding a contractor, and making the big move from New York City to
Merida. I totally recommend him.

John R. Thompson

I would thoroughly recommend Keith at Mexico International
for all and any real estate transactions.
In 2006 I bought two houses through them. Keith was delightful and informative.  
Very friendly but always professional. His grasp on the market down here in Mérida is
superior to most.
The financial side of things also went very smoothly as Keith knew all
there was to know.
I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and in fact have already
recommended them to several others who have also been most satisfied.

Ian Arthur

It was a pleasure and a wonderful experience working with Eric Partney of Mexico International. His experience and knowlege of the Mexico real estate market gave us an edge in purchasing our beach front property. Eric and his team at Mexico International will deliver experience , integrity and will make the process very easy to purchase Mexico real estate.

Eric also played an important role in introducing us to a top notch legal and accounting firm as to handle our administrative requirements for our property as well as a quality architectural firm to build our dream vacation home.

I would highly recommend working with Eric and Mexico International if you are seeking real estate opportunities in Mexico as they made our dream a reality and were with us every step of the way.

Bill & Karen Flynn

We would like to express our thanks to Mitch Keenan in handling our Mexican land purchase.

Through Mitch's professionalism, knowledgeable reference base and persistence, we were able to timely close on our land purchase, involving our Self-Directed IRAs. This was a complicated transaction involving numerous corporations, and Mitch's team stood up to the challenge to get the deal done. Communication was always timely, we had input into options as they were presented, and we were very satisfied with the outcome.

Please feel free to email us if you are structuring a similar type of transaction.

Kris and Roy Mullihan

Mitch made my experience of buying real estate in Merida a good one. I was afraid that because I was a woman and because I was not looking for an expensive property, that maybe I would not be taken seriously. But Mitch was a professional, he treated me with respect, was always there to answer my questions and the lawyers and bankers that he deals with are also professionals. I highly recommend him.

Mayra Alejandro

Hello, my name is Tony Perrotta.

I am an attorney, practicing for 23 years in Georgia.

In my life, I have probably bought and sold 100 pieces of property. A large part of my practice is closing real estate transactions. Accordingly, I have dealt with scores of agents over the years both personally and professionally. I just can't say enough good things about Mitch. He responded to every call and e-mail – usually within 24 hours. He knows the properties listed in his area and prevented us from making any mistakes. Everything happened exactly as he predicted...

There were no surprises at the closing table or at any other stage of the negotiations. He is completely trustworthy in every aspect of his character. Finally, and what impressed me the most, was the way he treated me... my transaction was for a relatively low dollar amount, and I know he didn’t make a lot of money from me, but I always felt like I was his most important client.

In short, he is just a nice guy. It has been about 6 months since I purchased my Mexican property, and it has turned out far beyond my expectations... Quite simply it has been one of the best things I have ever done. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any further assistance.

Tony Perrotta

I have been in Merida, Yucatan, three times in the last year and have firmly decided to buy a holiday/retirement home for my parents now and for myself in the long term.

At first I worked with two other real estate agents but soon selected Mitch as the most professional and reliable. He has introduced me to his lawyer (also very professional) and a contractor who works at local prices but according to "Western" work principles.

Ours was/is a very complex deal.

Based on my past experience I can sincerely recommend the services of Mitch to anyone who has serious interest to buy a house in Merida and needs more complex services including legal and reconstruction work.

If you have any questions or I can be of help in any way, please contact me without hesitation.

Best regards,

Laszlo Jaloveczki
Budapest, Hungary
tel: (36) 30 22 11 898 or (36) 1 328 21 75
e-mail: jlas@tozaicorp.com

I highly recommend Mitch Keenan as a professional and reliable real estate representative.

In Merida, I have been involved with the purchase of two properties. The first was not purchased with Mitch. The second, which involved a more complicated procedure, was purchased through Mitch and the deal went so much smoother than the first.

He gave us valuable advice and information that helped us to understand local procedures and our choices on how to purchase the property. Furthermore, the information was reliable and didn’t have that 'creative flair' that so much of the local professional advice has.

Money transfers and finishing details were carried out with confidence and in a timely fashion.

After living in Merida and being part of, and witness to, several real estate deals here, I believe you’d be hard pressed to find anyone more dependable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy than Mitch Keenan.

Feel free to contact me with further questions. Enjoy your new home!

Corina Fitznar
011 52 999 928 2905

I bought my house through Mitch one year ago last November. I "found" Mitch on the internet when searching for real estate in Mexico. Mitch turned out to be the greatest real estate person and guy. He really worked for us to make the sale happen – even lending us personal money when I miscalculated closing costs.

When the time comes to sell this house Mitch will, without a doubt, be the agent I use.

If I can provide any additional information, please do not hesitate to email me. Good luck with your purchase – you have the right agent.

Paula Sievert
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

We met Mitch in 2000 on our first trip to the Yucatan. We continue to call upon him for assistance with real estate. Even more so now that we call him our friend, too.

You cannot do better than having Mitch help you with a purchase here in Mexico. His character and abilities are outstanding. We trust him implicitly and you can, too.

George Fischer &
Sam Woodruff
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico georgefischerarroyo@gmail.com

Thanks to Keith Heitke and Mexico International, we had a wonderful experience buying our house in Merida. From the beginning--which was via email--Keith was a brilliant and caring communicator. He gave us the information we needed to really prepare for the process. Once we landed in Merida, we were able to zero in on what we wanted and actually found and bought our house in less than a week. Keith works very hard to match a buyer's desires with real possibility.

Arin and Todd Farrington

I am writing with reference for Mitch Keenan whom I have known for approximately fifteen years and with whom I have had five successful real estate transactions of substantial properties.

Mitch brings an unwavering professionalism to the table along with his knowledge of Mexican real estate laws, up-to-date information on fideicomiso or corporation options or whatever might be relevant to the transaction, and has the personality to keep deals on track when buyers and sellers are at odds.

I have never waited an extra minute for monies to be transferred to my accounts by Mitch after a closing nor have I ever had occasion to doubt his honesty or abilities. I can't think of a single reason why you would not be happy using him.

Best of luck on whatever you undertake,


Raymond Branham raymondbranham@hotmail.com

We are Margo and Robert, owners of Sin Duda Villas in Xcalak.

One of the benefits of doing business on the Yucatan Peninsula, here at the edge of the world, is dependent on knowing a select few of the gentle "Americans" in this part of the world. One of our first friends and hence, invaluable advisors, has been Mitch Keenan.

During our contract signing for beginning the business of Sin Duda Villas (1997), we met Mitch in Merida. Has been one of the most informed and encouraging of our business contacts, as well as a trusted friend.

Because of his impeccable manner and integrity, even under some of the most surprising and challenging circumstances, he is able to maintain his style in a reserved and respectful manner.

We have directed all of our friends and some guests – interested in purchasing either real property, or a business in the Yucatan – to Mitch, because he's ABLE to just "do it."

You're in TOTALLY capable hands with Mitch.

Affectionately, we are . . .

Margo and Robert and Corgis x 3
Email yucatan@sindudavillas.com

Well, it had to happen. As a former university administrator (Tulane University here in New Orleans) and high school principal (3 states) it was only a matter of time that I would e-mail my very first reference - actually I'm surprised that it took this long.

Knowing absolutely nothing about you nor your situation I will nevertheless be happily candid about Mitchell Keenan and his business.

First, I wish to begin by saying that I recommend Mitchell Keenan both professionally and personally as a Realtor and Businessman with the highest of accolades. And as a fully credentialed international correspondent, a business owner myself, a guidebook writer and travel writer, and an incurable skeptic, I do NOT make recommendations lightly.

My partner and I, Heather Moreau, first began communicating with Mitch in the 90s as we were very interested in property in Yucatan. Well, at that time exploring real estate via internet was kind of weird to say the least. We established a business relationship with Mitch for a couple of years before we finally bought our current beach house in Yucatan.

Had it not been for Mitch's forthrightness, integrity, honesty, and candor, none of our good fortune would have happened. We, in fact, purchased our home at San Crisanto several years ago and have been greatly satisfied with all transactions including Mitch's literally "holding our hands" through all the details and signings – he is just a fabulous person to work with in purchasing property in Mexico.

As a matter or fact, as I write to you, Mitch is overseeing the renovation and expansion of our beach home since we are far away in New Orleans – we trust him completely. That says it all.

If you would like me to send excerpts from articles I have written in the past years on Mexican real estate, realities, hurdles, and cultural vistas, I would be more than happy to do so. One consistent theme has always been the reliability of Mitchell Keenan and his real estate business.

Proven trust is everything, isn't it?

Please feel free to contact us at anytime if we can assist you, okay?

Most Sincerely,

Alan Graham & Heather Moreau
1404 Prytania Street
New Orleans, LA 70130
504-527-5037 (Local)
888-815-5037 (Toll-Free)
FAX: 504-593-9079

When we came to Mexico looking for property, Mitch Keenan was our contact person here. He found us our house and now four years later has sold it for us. He is a great person to work with: knowledgeable, patient with our "demands" and with our impatience, smooth as silk in difficult situations, honest, trustworthy and rich with local contacts. I recommend him and his agency without reservation. Good luck to you!

Rosemary and Charles Byers

My husband and I found Miguel's Mexico on the Internet while we were looking for real estate in Mexico. We corresponded with Mitch for some time prior to actually coming to look at properties. We were able to describe to him, more or less, the kind of property we were looking for. He answered all our questions – both pertinent and stupid – with a great deal of knowledge and, I might add, patience.

Upon arriving in Merida he met us at our hotel and talked with us over breakfast regarding our particular concerns and needs. He was and is "muy simpatico" and we liked him immediately.

He has become a very dear friend and we are happy to say we would still do business with him. He is honest, knowledgeable and easy to work with. He has had many years in the real estate business here and in the U.S.

We bought and sold a beach property through him as well as purchasing our home here in Merida. He seems able to place people in the environment they are seeking. We bought our home through him five years ago and it has been the best thing we ever did.

We love Merida and we love our home. You really can't find more professional and concerned people than Mitch and his associates. We would be happy to answer any further questions you might have regarding Mitch.

Sincerely, Sally and Robert Wintheiser

I am writing you at the request of Mitch Keenan, understanding you requested references pertaining to his involvement with Real Estate here in Merida.

I can without concern recommend Mitch for his help, professionalism and honesty to any one interested in looking for Real Estate investments here. While the process is relatively simple, it is MUCH different than in the U.S. and enlisting the assistance of someone experienced in the various ways to close a deal is most important.

You have that person in Mitch. I have known him for several years and am sure you will be in good hands with his help (and probably enjoy his company, also). He has explained many details of the real estate market in Mexico to me and I am most comfortable with his expertise.

If you have any questions or concerns about dealings down here, feel free to write and ask ...

Bud Godley