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Yucatan Peninsula  

The Yucatán Peninsula

Welcome to life in the tropics. The weather in Yucatan is Tropical, it gets hot and it is humid. Hurricanes are common on the Caribbean side of the peninsula but much less so on the Gulf Coast. Tropical weather can be severe. However, it never gets below freezing and it NEVER snows. If you like to garden...[MORE]


Merida is an enchanting city with much to enjoy and little to cause complaint. Approachable and friendly, the citizens find their roots in the Mayan, Spanish, French and Lebanese culture. This is a civilized city where people are civil to one another. Neighbors know each other and often, are related. Family is not just important here, family is everything...[MORE]
Yucatan Gulf Coast  

Yucatán Gulf Coast

From Celestun to Progreso to Isla Holbox, Yucatan's Gulf Coast, also known as The Emerald Coast or The Flamingo Coast, enjoys miles of undeveloped and virgin beachfront. This coast offers more variety and opportunities to budgets large and small, than the more expensive Caribbean coastline on the east side of the peninsula...[MORE]
Caribbean Coast  

Caribbean Coast

The Yucatan Peninsula is blessed with fabulous beaches, stunning coral reefs, and beautiful bodies of water. The famous turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean grace our east coast from Isla Mujeres to Xcalak. This coast offers miles of the most beautiful beaches in the world...[MORE]