What Exclusive Means To You

Our clients list exclusively with Mexico International for a variety of reasons. Primarily, they list exclusively with us because of our impeccable reputation. They know we are going to keep the keys to their homes locked up and safe. They know that we will give them proper notification of scheduled appointments to show their homes. They know that we will arrive for appointments on time or call to let them know that we are running late. If our potential Buyers cancel the showing, we advise our Sellers that we are not coming, so they are not waiting all day for a no-show.

Our exclusive clients know we are going to answer our emails and phone calls promptly. They know we keep copies of all their important title and tax documents on file in our office so that a potential Buyers attorney/notario can get everything they need to verify titles, taxes and ownership – for a quick and hassle free transfer from Seller to Buyer.

It is also important to our Buyers that we operate in a professional, organized manner. Buyers don’t want to show up late to our Seller’s home. It is important to our Buyers to know that we have title and tax information on all our exclusive listings.

Buyers know that the Buying/Selling process is a negotiation and nobody wants to start out on the wrong foot. Our attention to detail and service to our Buyers and our Exclusive Sellers allows us to be there every step of the way to ensure a smooth, win-win-win process for everyone involved; Buyers, Sellers, Attorneys/Notarios and Agents.

In summary, we have exclusive listings because we offer:

We are at your service!