Barry and Andrea Humphrey

Phone: (999) 920-6856
Fax: (999) 920-6856
Cell: (999) 144-2717

We have lived in Chuburna Puerto since 2009.  We moved here from Seattle, WA and have loved every minute of it! 

I’m Canadian, was born in Victoria, BC!  I was a home builder and in Real Estate for over 30 years in the Seattle area!  Andrea is from Southern California and was an event planner and a home stager for over 25 years!  We make a great team!

Since we’ve lived in Mexico we’ve remodeled and built a few homes!  We know a lot about Real Estate and building in Mexico and can be very helpful to our clients in their decision making!

We also volunteer in the Children’s Educational Program for Chelem!  And also help out with the spay & neuter programs to get as many dogs fixed as we can. Andrea fosters stray dogs and puppies whenever needed!  We love kids and animals and do whatever we can to help!