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Eric Partney - A.K.A. – “Agent Eric” holds a current, active Texas Real Estate Broker’s license.  He has been continuously licensed since 1983.

During all of these years in real estate, Eric and his long-term partner have owned and operated various real estate related businesses in Atlanta and Dallas.  After working way too many hours – for way too many years, they decided to spend a year in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende proved to be a lovely place for good times and an interesting cultural experience.  Following their 12-month sabbatical, Eric returned to Dallas and embarked upon another exciting real estate venture - partnering with David Griffin and Company whom specialized in high-end architectural projects.  It was a dynamic and rapidly growing opportunity.  But Eric and his partner had thoroughly fallen in love with Mexico.

Wanting to learn more, they escaped to Mexico every chance they could!  They visited nearly every nook and cranny of the vast Mexican countryside.  In some places they lingered for weeks and in others only a few hours.  They knew for what they were seeking.

Finally, they discovered Merida - and that was it!  The rich cultural heritage, the amazing architecture, the genuine people and the incredibly low prices for real estate made it a natural fit.

Now, after living over 12-years in Merida, even Eric’s parents comment that they have never seen him happier or more relaxed.  He and his partner currently live in one of the homes they have restored together.  In the last 12-years, they have restored numerous colonial beauties in Merida. 

Eric is uniquely capable to put his experience as an owner/investor/remodeler and as a top sales agent to work for you.  His goal is to help you find the perfect home that fits your needs.