LeAnn Roberts

Phone: (999) 926-3926
Fax: (999) 920-6856
Cell: (999) 223-2536

LeAnn has been an agent with Mexico International since 2008 and has lived in Merida for 16 years. She handles both sales and rentals and also runs her own property management business, Merida Rentals. In California, she owned a retail business for 20 years. That experience taught her to be very detail oriented and to enjoy meeting and working with new clients, so the transition to rental management and real estate sales was a natural.

LeAnn has experienced life in tiny Mexican pueblos and medium-sized towns as well as the city of Merida and knows and loves the area.  She is very familiar with Merida Centro. Whether you are looking for a vacation or long-term rental, a property manager or a real estate sales agent, LeAnn has the skills and knowledge to help.