Colm Cooney

Phone: (999) 920-6856
Fax: (999) 920-6856
Cell: (999) 169-6430

Colm was born in Dublin, Ireland but he has lived in Japan for many years, before finally moving to Yucatan where he has found himself at home, sweet home. 

Living in Merida for 6 years, has given Colm a lot of knowledge and expertise about the daily life, real estate, architecture, etc., which makes him a great person to work with. His enthusiasm and energy can help you on the search for your dream home.

Colm, a professional businessman, opened Hennessy’s Irish Pub two years ago and it is now one of the best and most prestigious restaurants in town, always making it to the top 10 of the best places in Merida, according to Trip Advisor.
“Working at Mexico International has made me feel more at home and part of one big family” – Colm Cooney