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Fernando Berdichevsky was born in México City in 1949. He received his Bachelor Degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from Mexico’s National Autonomous University, in 1971. He got a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in 1974.

He worked for many years in the academic environment, in the area of Biomedical Engineering. He gradually moved his work activities to computers and telecommunications. As an entrepreneur, he was the founder and owner of a few commercial businesses in computer technology. In 1992 he got the opportunity of becoming the Regional Director of Consorcio Red Uno which, along the years, became the main Telecommunications Company, in the Southeastern region of México. A restructuring of the Company, in 2005, made him look for new challenges, as a freelance entrepreneur.

He has been living in Mérida since 1981. He and his wife fell in love with the city in 1979 and made up their minds to move down, when they decided to have children. His two sons, Martín and Diego, where born in Mérida, where they had the opportunity to enjoy their childhood and adolescence with lots of freedom and proximity to the sea and nature.

He has traveled extensively and has had the opportunity to live in many different places and expose himself to different cultures. Apart from Spanish, he is fluent in English and Hebrew.  He enjoys practicing Yoga, going to the cinema and attending, on a regular basis, different cultural activities, such as theater performances, concerts and conferences. His wife, Silvia, is a well known theater actress and Tango singer, in Mérida.


I am writing to thank your Mexico international team, and in particular, Fernando Berdichevsky, for all the efforts which enabled my partner and I to purchase a home in Mérida. I also wanted to share my experience for others contemplating the same.

I first came to Mérida 35 years ago on an ADO bus from Puebla, where I was an exchange student. Captivated by the city, I didn’t want to leave, but college beckoned in New York, and a 30-year career ensued.  I retained the dream of having a home in México someday, and was pretty sure Mérida was the place. But to be sure, I checked out Costa Rica, Panama, Uruguay, Argentina and a few other places too.

After getting my partner and best friend to visit Mérida for their opinions, I decided to contact Mexico International to arrange to see a few properties.  With our small budget of $75,000 USD and a dream check list, I was a little apprehensive as to whether they’d be able and willing to help.

My doubt quickly abated, and I was amazingly surprised by the attention, knowledge, guidance, and results of working together with them. The dream became a reality.

First, I met Mitch Keenan who shared his general knowledge, experience, recommendations and hospitality over dinner. He then introduced me to Fernando Berdichevsky.

Fernando was the most amicable, patient, knowledgeable, and pro-active colleague I could have asked for to guide me through the process of owning a home in Mérida.  He took the dream checklist and converted it into over a dozen property listings for us to check out.  With engineering, real estate, and local knowledge, he was able to provide the right guidance and a critical eye. For added measure, he arranged for two architects to assess conditions of properties that were of interest.  We decided on a modest, semi-updated colonial home in Santiago that enabled us to move in, but had the possibilities of adding the things we envisioned for the future within our budget. Fernando expertly negotiated the transaction, which was easier than any real estate purchase in the US.

Fernando introduced me to Lic. Enna Baqueiro R., the best notario one could have sought.  It took six months of research and diligence with the property registry in order to establish a fedeicomiso.  Asi pasa. Fernando and Enna were there every step of the way to make it happen, and patiently explain what was going on.

Ultimately, we had the closing the week before Christmas, December 2009.  It would not have happened without the dedication and tenacity of Fernando. He is the best agent I have ever worked with.

I am genuinely appreciative of all the efforts extended by the staff of Mexico International which made this a reality for us.  Truly, a professional and dedicated team who earned my complete trust and confidence.  I could not have asked for a better experience, and have never had any regrets.  Please do not hesitate to include me as a enthusiastic reference for any potential clients.

Best regards,

Pete DuBois
San Francisco, CA