Henry Ponce

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Arq. Henry Ponce is a native of Merida, Yucatan Mexico who has a passion for design, as well as a wealth of knowledge in construction and remodeling.  Awarded by the magazine Architectural Digest, Mexico (Dec. 2008) as the finest Mexican architect in the field of restoration, Henry has become famous throughout Mexico as a premier artist in the fields of both restoration and new construction. 
Henry received his degree in architecture from the Autonomous University of Yucatan in Merida (1988-1994) and began working on many diverse architectural projects in and around the city.  To further his study of architecture and interior design, he worked for one year in Pennsylvania at The Architectural Studio´s department of design.  Upon returning to Merida, Henry opened his design studio and construction company, and subsequently opened the interior design business Selecto:  Furniture and Accessories in 2001.  Henry has since then continued to design and construct specially made pieces to enhance his clients´ homes.
Henry´s refined professionalism and thorough knowledge of Merida and the home industry naturally brought him to work as an agent with Mexico International Real Estate. Since 2004, Henry has greatly facilitated his clients in their home buying and remodeling needs.

Henry is currently working with a team of architects to offer services of architectural design, construction, interiors, landscape and lighting design.  The Historical Center of the city of Merida has enjoyed a resurgence of restoration of the magnificent old buildings, many of which have been allowed to age and crumble into ruin.  With his passion for perfection, and an insistence on authentic Yucatecan style, Henry Ponce has been a leader in this remarkable movement, restoring dozens of beautiful buildings to their former splendor while making them modern comfortable homes for their owners.